Cobra Night Attack Jeep


Cobra Logos & Bullet Holes

Cobra Logos & Bullet Holes

x16 Bullet Holes - Diameter 4mm

x4 Cobra Logos - Diameter 1cm (10mm)

x3 Cobra Logos - Diameter 1.4cm (14mm)



Cobra A4 Sticker Sheet

Cobra A4 Sticker Sheet

This is the Cobra Master sheet that came with various Action Force & Cobra vehicles.

The sheet has not been kiss cut but there are guide lines for you to cut around.



Cobra Logos

Cobra Logos

These are reproductions of the exact Cobra logos (with a few extras added) that came on the generic 1985 sheet shown here and above. These have been kiss cut so simply peel off the sheet.
Image courtesy of BFTB.


NEW Cobra Logos

This new set includes 23 small to large size red COBRA logos, 3 bullet holes and 2 COBRA logos.

The sheet measures roughly 6x9 centimeters.

The 2 largest cobra logos are 2cm in diameter