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April 2nd 2019

Hot Toys Star Wars Darth Maul DX16 and DX17 now available for pre order


21st January 2019

New Hot Toys now available - The Emperor Deluxe Set, Deadpool 2, Leia Organna, Wonder Woman Deluxe Set - Justice League. Batman 1/4 Scale, Iron Man Gantry Set , Darth Vader - Empire Strikes Back Version.


3rd December 2018

Hot Toys Exclusive Dark Side Anakin now in stock. Hot Toys Stormtroopers now available for pre order.


19th November 2018

60+ new figures added to the vintage Star Wars loose figure sectiom


2nd November 2018

Hot Toys Baby Groot life size figure now in stock


8th October 2018

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section updated with x30 new figures


2nd October 2018

Action force loose figure and vehicle section updated. New Action Force & Cobra stickers added plus Red Shadow Enemy pack back in stock.


1st October 2018

Hot Toys Boba Fett now in stock and Princess Leia - Bespin Cloud City figure now available to pre order


10th September 2018

New Hot Toys pre orders now available, John Wick, Count Dooku, Deathstroke plus some old figures restocked, Yondu, Grand Moff Tarkin and more

8th June 2018

New Hot Toys pre orders available, Limited Ediiton Baby Groot, Gamora, Doctor Strange, Deadpool 2

4th June 2018

New Action Force Enemy logo and Palitoy stickers added

Star Wars Kenner & Palitoy custom logo sticker packs added


1st June 2018

In Stock Now Hot Toys Darth Vader & Grand Moff Tarkin Deluxe Set, Spider-Man Home Made Suit Version, Arkham knight Joker VG Edition, Last Available Blitzway Ghostbuster set .


9th May 2018

Now in stock Hot Toys Star Lord (Standard), Princess Leia (Hoth)


3rd April 2018

New Hot Toys Pre Orders added plus new in stock items,

Obi Wan Deluxe, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Superman, Baby Groot, Star Lord, Neo-The Matrix, Ghostbusters, Spider-Man Homecoming, Disneys Belle from Beauty & The Beast, Iron Man MKV Diecast, Iron Man MKIV Diecast with Suit Up Gantry, Loki, Arkham Knight Batman.


26th February 2018

New vintage Star Wars items added, loose vehicles, boxed items, die cast and more

Various vintage Star Wars and others

Loose vehicles

Boxed Star Wars


23rd February 2018

New Hot Toys 1/6 figures in stock!

BTTF2 Doc Brown, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Rocket.


6th February 2018

Hot Toys Emperor Palpatine Deluxe Set with Throne & Royal Guards now available for pre order!


29th January 2018

Hot Toys Back To The Future II Marty Mcfly now in stock!


22nd January 2018

Loose vintage Star Wars figure section updated with 60+ figures


10 January 2018

Now in stock Hot Toys Harley Quinn (Prisoner Version) Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys


14th November 2017

Hot Toys Star Wars Jyn Erso from Rogue One & Hot Toys Ellen Ripley from Aliens now in stock!


1st November 2017

Boxed Star Wars Micro Machines Master Collector's Edition 40 Set added.

Hot Toys Black Panther back in stock, only one available!

Hot Toys Harley Quinn now in stock!


23rd October 2017

40+ vintage Star Wars figures added to the loose figure section


10th October 2017

Hot Toys Luke Skywalker Force Awakens & R2D2 now in stock!


22nd September 2017

Hot Toys Terminator Endo Skeleton now in stock!


18th September 2017

Vintage Star Wars Darth Vader Carry case plus vintage vehicles, mini rigs and die cast vehicles added.


17th September 2017

Darth Vader – Lord of the Sith Premium Format by Sideshow Collectibles Episode VI Now Available!   



15th September 2017

Hot Toys Yondu Deluxe version & standard up for pre order plus Ellen Ripley - Alien figure.


9th September 2017

New Hot Toys pre orders now available, Anakin Skywalker, Princess Leia Hoth ESB, Grand Moff Tarkin, Grand Moff Tarkin & Darth Vader Deluxe Set, Life Size Groot, Rocket, Star Lord, Jack Sparrow, 1/4 Scale Batman Begins & 1/4 Scale Joker.


1st September 2017

Action Man sections updated with new 40th boxed and loose items as well as original vintage pieces.


28th August 2017

Vintage Star Wars Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight Jumbo series by Gentle Giant now in stock.


11th August 2017

Hot Toys Drax, Suicide Squad Deadshot & Iron Man MK46 now in stock.


18th July 2017

New Hot Toys pre orders available. Drax The Destroyer, Back To The Future Marty & Doc, Harley Quinn Prison version, Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight, R2D2, Iron Man MKVI, Blitzway Ghostbuster Exclusive Sets.


17th July 2017

Hot Toys Empire Strikes Back Yoda & Snowtrooper now in stock.


12th July 2017

Sideshow Exclusive Double Jawa Set back in stock.

Hot Toys Purple Coat Suicide Squad Joker now in stock.


19th June 2017

A few MOC figures added to the vintage Star Wars carded figure section.


12th June 2017

Update to the Action Force weapons & accessories page


5th June 2017

Han Solo - Force Awakens Sixth Scale Figure by Hot Toys Now in Stock!


19th May 2017

30+ loose vintage Star Wars figures added to the loose figure section

Hot Toys Civil War Winter Soldier now in stock.


2nd May 2017

Hot Toys Black Panther & Tuxedo Joker from Suicide Squad now in stock.


1st May 2017

Action Force Loose figures, Vehicles and comics added. Plus convention comics including The Red Shadows & Cobra.


13th April 2017

Display & Cos Play Lightsabers added to the various Star Wars section.


3rd April 2017

Loose Vintage Star Wars figure section updated with 20+ figures.


29th March 2017

New Hot Toys pre orders now available.

Suicide Squad - Joker (Purple Jacket Version), Joker (Tuxedo Version), Harley Quinn, Deadshot.

Civil War - Black Panther, Winter Soldier, Iron Man MK46 XLVI.

Avengers - Hulk Buster.

Star Wars - Han Solo (Force Awakens),Luke Skywalker (Force Awakens), Yoda, Snowtrooper

Rogue One - A Star Wars Story - Chirrut Îmwe (Deluxe Version, Jyn Erso (Deluxe Version)


20th March 2017

New Modern Carded and loose figure sections added


27th February 2017

Hot Toys Exclusive Gold Chrome Stormtrooper in stock and the Deluxe Boba Fett is back in, only 1 available of each of these.


17th February 2017

Hot Toys Toy Fair Excusive Suicide Squad Arkham Joker now in stock.


6th February 2017

Small selection of loose vintage Star Wars figures with cardbacks and bubbles added plus a few loose figures.


30th January 2017

New Action Man Deluxe stands in stock plus Loose SAS Action Man figure and boxed 40th set.


18th January 2017

Hot Toys Rey (Resistance Outfit) Exclusive 1/6 scale figure now in stock.


16th January 2017

Vintage Star Wars boxed section and loose section updated with new items.


27th December 2016

Carrie Fisher - Princess Leia

RIP Princess


14th December 2016

New Hot Toys in stock!

Deadpool, Iron Man 2 - War Machine, Civil War- Black Widow and Star Wars - Obi Wan Kenobi.


28th November 2016

New Hot Toys in stock, Civil War Captain America & Batman Vs Superman Armored Batman exclusive edition.


16th November 2016

Hot Toys Quarter Scale Boba Fett in stock


12th November 2016

Original Darth Vader wearable changer helmet added to the various Star Wars section plus 70+ loose vintage Star Wars figures added to the loose Star Wars figure section.


31st October 2016

SAS Hawk sticker sheets now in stock.


14th October 2016

Vintage Star Wars loose vehicles, creature & playsets added plus a few boxed items.


10th October 2016

Hot Toys Star Wars: The Force Awakens Rey & BB8 Sets now in stock!


26th September 2016

Hot Toys The Force Awakens Captain Phasma now in stock!


12th September 2016

Loose vintage Star Wars figure section updated with 40+ figures


13th August 2016

R.I.P Kenny Baker - Thank you for the memories!

8th August 2016

Action Man vintage section update with added carded sealed items. Action Man 40th boxed section updated with new items.


11th July 2016

Sideshow Exclusive Edition Jawa sets in stock. IG-88 pre order up.


27th June 2016

Gentle Giant Jumbo Limited Edition vintage Star Wars figures now available!


17th June 2016

Hot Toys Boba Fett now in stock!


10th June 2016

50+ vintage Star Wars figures added to the loose figure section.


2nd June 2016

SIDESHOW R2 D2 1/6 Scale Figures back in stock!


30th May 2016

New Micro Machines Star Wars added. Various Star Wars section updated with new items, exclusive Limited Edition Monopoly set etc...

7th May 2016

SIDESHOW Deluxe Tauntaun 1/6 statue now in stock.


2nd May 2016

Vintage Star Wars A2 action figure posters added to the display supplies section.


9th April 2016

Hot Toys Kylo Ren from The Force Awakens Now Available!


7th April 2016

Sideshow R2D2 - Deluxe Edition back in stock, limited amount!


28th March 2016

Loose Vintage Star Wars figure section updated with new figures.


7th March 2016

New Hot Toys pre orders up for The Force Awakens Captain Phasma &Batman Vs Superman - Batman Black Chromed exclusive.


2nd March 2016

Hot Toys Special Edition Princess Leia in stock.


1st March 2016

Small selection of Action Force items added, loose figures boxed vehicles etc.


29th February 2016

New selection of display stands added


20th February 2016

New small sized display stands for vintage Star Wars figures added.


15th February 2016

Small update with added items to the various Star Wars section


1st February 2016

Vintage Star Wars carded figures added.


19th January 2016

New Hot Toys Star Wars and DX13 back in stock!


18th January 2016

Loose Star Wars vehicles and boxed sets added.


15th January 2016

New Clamshell cases for small figures and stands for the 6" Black series range with smaller foot holes added.


9th January 2016

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section updated with 60+ figures.


19th December 2015

Vintage boxed and loose vehicles added, Slave 1, Tie Fighter, Taun Taun etc


16th October 2015

Vintage 12inch Star Wars figures added


5th October 2015

50+ Star Wars figures added to the loose figure sectiuon


25th September 2015

New Hot Toys added!

AOU Black Widow, AOU Iron Man MK43, Disneys Maleficent, Jim Gordon & John Blake Bat SIgnal Set.


1st September 2015

A selection of carded Vintage Star Wars figures have been added.


10th August 2015

Small selection of loose Star Wars figures added plus Boxed Palitoy Reebo band and Speederbike.


3rd August 2015

Action Force items added, carded & loose figures plus exclusives.


22nd May 2015

Small selection of loose vintage Star Wars figures added, plus Jabba Playset, and baggies.


4th May 2015

New Action Figure Display Stands added


24th April 2015

Hot Toys MMS236 Armory and Bruce Wayne & Alfred Pennyworth figures now in stock.


17th April 2015

Lots of Star Wars items added, Prototypes, Factory Samples, Boba Fett figures and more in the various section.


10th April 2015

Hot Toys - T-800 Battle Damaged Version - MMS238 now in stock


28th March 2015

New Action force sticker packs added


21st March 2015

Small selection of loose vintage Star Wars figures added.


27th February 2015

Small selction of loose vintage Star Wars figures added


14th February 2015

Vintage Star Wars AT-ST added to boxed section


19th January 2015

New Hot Toys & Sideshow 1/6 in stock.

Elder Predator 2.0, Joker, Harley Quinn, Celtic Predator 2.0


9th January 2015

New vintage Star Wars items added, loose figures, AFA, boxed Speeder Bike, loose creatures, Jabba, Taun Taun etc.


2nd January 2015

Action force boxed MMS added along with the Exclusive Red Shadows Set.


29th December 2014

New Hot Toys Batman QS001Exclusive & The Joker DX11 Exclusive added.


23rd December 2014

Iron Man Mark 42 Die-Cast by Hot Toys, now in stock.


5th December 2014

Action Man section updated with new boxed items, loose figures and new figure stands.


1st November 2014

NECA section added with a selection of carded figures.


14th September 2014

New Star Wars figure check list and weapons guide uploaded. Created by Tony Solinas.


8th September 2014

New items added to the AFA section, new vintage boxed Star Wars items added, 12 inch Boba Fett boxed figure plus various Star Wars items added.


25th August 2014

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section updated with new figures.


15th August 2014

Action Force & GI Joe updates to loose figures, vehicles, weapons & parts sections.


14th July 2014

Star Wars Vintage loose vehicles, boxed items and vehicle parts added.


21st June 2014

Star Wars loose figure inventory updated.


26th May 2014

Hot Toys Man Of Steel & DX13 Battle Damaged Terminator now in stock.


16th May 2014

New Hot Toys figures added.


18th April 2014

Free Delivery with orders of £50 or more, see home page.

Factory Sealed Landspeeder added to the boxed Star Wars section.


1st April 2014

Hot Toys MMS79 - Joker Bank Robber - Brand New & Factory Sealed uploaded to the Hot Toys & Sideshow section.


31st March 2014

Loose vintage Star Wars figure inventory updated


18th March 2014

GI Joe European figures section added


8th March 2014

Large update to the Action Force section with vintage Figures, Vehicles & much more.


7th March 2014

2009 GI Joe Convention Exclusive Hawk & Blades added.


8th February 2014

GI Joe loose figure section updated with new figures. Plus Cobra Symbol display piece added to the various GI Joe section.


18th January 2014

New Sideshow & Hot Toys figures added.

Terminator T-800 DX10 & Joker DX14


1st January 2014

Happy New Year!

All orders placed in January 2014 of £55 or more will receive *free shipping, overseas buyers will also receive half price shipping.


7th December 2013

New Action Force Stickers added including German Palitoy versions. Q Force, TSATT, Enemy Pack, AF9 etc.


6th December 2013

Vintage Star Wars Jabba the Hutt Playset and GI JOE Box Set DVDs added.


2nd November 2013

Lots of new figures added to the Vintage Star Wars loose figure section.


30th October 2013

Star Wars Boba Fett 12" figure added.


22nd October 2013

Small AFA section update.


7th October 2013

Sideshow section updated, Star Wars figures added.


26th September 2013

Small update to the loose vintage Star Wars figure section.


12th July 2013

G.I. JOE & Action Force ProTech Action Figure stands added.


6th July 2013

Figure stands section added for NECA figures, Predator, Freddy Krueger etc.


29th June 2013

Small update to the Doctor Who section, Carded Figures, Loose Figures, Boxed Items etc


19th May 2013

Cobra A4 sticker sheet added to the Action Force & Cobra reproduction sticker section.


12th May 2013

He-Man Commemorative section updated.


6th May 2013

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section updated.


16th March 2013

Original Vintage Factory Sealed Star Wars Figures uploaded.


9th February 2013

Vintage Star Wars Carded section updated.


16th January 2013

AFA section added with Star Wars figures.


10th January 2013

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section has had an inventory update.


8th December 2012

Action Man section has had it's first update with items and more to come.


6th October 2012

Star Wars Kubrick collector's figures added to the site.


24th September 2012

The Various Star Wars section has been updated with a few new items.


14th September 2012

SIDESHOW - GI JOE Cobra Commander added.


12th September 2012

Red Shadow Action Force Joecon 2011 figures added.


27th August 2012

Small update to the orange POTF Star Wars section including Vintage re-release figures.


6th August 2012

Masters of The Universe section updated with loose & carded figures.


14th July 2012

Small inventory update of vintage Star Wars figures.


30th June 2012

Lego section updated with Star Wars mini fgures, parts and accessories.


9th June 2012

Loose and boxed Lego Star Wars Sets added.


19th May 2012

Lego section updated with Star Wars Sets Mint in Factory Sealed box.


31st March 2012

Small update to the vintage carded Star Wars section, more to come.


16th March 2012

G.I. Joe Collectors Club Magazines updated with new issues.

Now with FREE Postage and new low price.


3rd March 2012

New Display & Storage products added for 2012.


11th February 2012

New MOTU Commemorative section added.


3rd December

Some of you may have been experiencing problems with this site using the Firefox internet browser with buy it now buttons not being displayed correctly or not allowing purchases.
It would appear there is a dispute between Paypal and Firefox, please try using alternate browsers.
For example Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome etc. Thank you.


5th November

Small inventory update to the loose vintage Star Wars figure section and boxed items.


22nd October

Masters of The Universe book section updated.


30th September

GI-Joe Legend, Larry Hama will be attending his first show ever in the UK at Roll Out Roll Call 2012.

Go to the G.I. Joe, Transformers or Action Force menus and click on the image for more info.


13th August

Transformers section updated.


2nd July

NEW Action Force & Cobra stickers added!


24th June

Loose vintage Star Wars figure inventory updated.


11th June

Thundercats section updated.


14th May

POTF, Ewoks & Droids Card Backs uploaded.


30th April

G.I Joe Section has undergone a large update with added items such as, Loose Vintage Figures, Vehicles, Comics, Supplies, Carded Figures etc.


14th April

Star Wars Loose Vintage vehicles, Boxed items, Vehicle & playset parts updated.


8th April 2011

Vintage Return of The Jedi Card Backs uploaded.


3rd April 2011

Masters Of The Universe Playset, Vehicle, Creature Parts section added.


30th March 2011

Vintage Empire Strikes Back Card Backs uploaded.


23rd March 2011

Vintage Star Wars Card Backs uploaded.


18th March 2011

Vintage Star Wars loose figure section updated.


5th March 2011

Masters Of The Universe section updated.

Figures, Playsets, Weapons & Creatures added.


18th February 2011

Vintage Star Wars spare parts section updated.


5th February 2011

Battle Of The Planets/G-Force Action Figures added.


2nd February 2011

Checkout button added to the navigation bar.


29th January 2011

Various Star Wars section added with a few items.


22nd January 2011

Running behind schedule but the 12" Star Wars Section is now added.


8th January 2011

Vintage Star Wars TV Ads section added for online viewing.


1st January 2011 Happy New Year!

Star Wars Concept & Legacy section updated with a few figures.


27th December 2010

News section added.


24th December 2010

More vintage Star Wars Figures added to the loose figure section.

Vintage Star Wars TV Ads Section added which is under construction.


22nd December 2010

James bond & GI Joe Menus added - content to follow.